Water Enhancers Market to Register Fastest Growth in Asia Pacific

Global Water Enhancers market is consolidated and is projected to cross USD 1.9 billion in 2018, finds Bekryl Market Analysts.

Changing consumer taste preferences along with demand for nutritious liquid beverages has led to surge in sales of water enhancers worldwide.Arizona Beverages USA, Dyla LLC, Cott Beverages, PepsiCo, The Coca-Cola Company, Nestle and Kraft foods are key players operational in the market.

The industry competition has increased in last few years owing to foray of new entrants –leading to further consolidation in water enhancer market size globally. Health conscious awareness trend has helped these companies to effectively market their products. While fizzy drinks has witnessed sharp decline post 2010, water enhancers has registered steady growth creating new market opportunity for engaged companies. The fizzy drinks rejection trend is quite prominent among obese population.

The report finds that North America will account for 37% of global share in 2018. This is closely followed by Western Europe. Competition in North America is relatively higher with Kraft dominating the regional share. There are over 46 key competitors with over 150 product variants available in the region. Product differentiation is the key strategy witnessed in U.S. market.

Western Europe is another major destination for industry players. Germany, France, UK and Spain will account for majority of the regional share. Germany and UK will account for 53% of regional share in 2018. However, will lose significant share to Spain in another seven years.

Some key trends from the Global Water Enhancers Equipment Market:

Trend#1: Industry Leaders are focused towards Launching Range of Product Variants in Order to Capture a Major Chunk of Global Sales

In the last six years, the industry witnessed launch of many new products especially in Europe and North America. These companies are primarily focused towards natural and non-GMO sweeteners as water enhancers. In 2016, Dyla LLC (Stur) announced the launch of two different flavors to be used as water enhancers. Another major company, Coca-Cola entered on-the-go squash market with Oasis Mighty Drops in UK in 2015.

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Source: http://bekryl.com/industry-trends/water-enhancers-market-size-analysis